What moves you, moves us

The most important thing is that together we find the best solutions to give your concerns the attention they deserve. To do this, we contribute a wealth of experience from decades of professional communications work.

If you are looking for glamour, you have come to the wrong place. More substance than appearance is our motto. We know our strengths and work on our weaknesses. We are good listeners and do not put ourselves in the centre of attention. We dig deep to understand your issues. We ask critical questions – before your dialogue groups do. And we get to the heart of complex issues so that your target groups understand them straight away. This creates added value and trust.

“The most important thing about the first step is the direction, not the distance.”
Thomas Stahlschmidt, Managing Partner, ORCA an der Isar GmbH
Economists with more than 30 years of expertise and passion for good communication

We’re good. But we don’t think we can do everything better. That’s why we work with specialists who complement us on a case-by-case basis: whether in association with the ORCA Group, the international agency network IPREX or with external partners.